Aryana J.

Aryana’s desire to major in biology pre-med was realized during a field trip to Baylor Scott & White.

Britney Z.

Animation helped Britney through some difficult times growing up and is why she will pursue a career in Animation.

Debanhy L.

Debanhy’s love for physical fitness as a child has fueled her desire to be a physical education teacher.

Erynn D.

Erynn was inspired to pursue a career in law by hearing about her teachers’ experiences.

Janae L.

Inspired by a play about children who were mistreated in the foster system, Janae will be studying Social Work and Music.

Joanna C.

An opportunity to shadow the Women’s Health unit sparked Joanna’s love for the field of nursing in the area of labor and delivery.

Kai’a R.

Kai’a eventually wants to pursue a doctorate in Psychology and have her own therapy practice.

Kennedi L.

Kennedi has a passion for helping others that makes her want to become a nurse.

Leslie M.

Leslie plans to major in nursing in college. She was involved in the JROTC and Colorguard in high school.

Leslie R.

A cancer survivor, Leslie plans to attend medical school and become a doctor to help people like doctors helped her.

Lizbeth M.

Lizbeth plans to major in Business Finance at TCU. Growing up she was inspired by many family members who were small business owners.

Lizbeth R.

Lizbeth feels a special connection to nature and is inspired to take action against climate change.

Megan M.

Inspired by her mom’s criminal justice background, Megan wants to study the same field in order to protect the innocent.

Regina A.

Like the nurses in her family that she looks up to, Regina wants to study nursing so that she can help people.

Veronique B.

Veronique plans to become a physical therapist to help people like her mom, who was injured in an accident.